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Cryptocurrencies have rapidly burst into our lives and today millions of people around the world are interested in them. Cryptocurrencies have aroused such interest because of many advantages. First, they allow for easy and secure financial transactions while maintaining anonymity.

Secondly, every year there are new digital coins with unique merits that open up new opportunities for users. Thirdly, you can make good money on coins, this was shown by the first crypto Bitcoin, which brought holders of virtual coins a huge profit because of the strong growth in the price.

Bitcoin does not lose its relevance for deposits even today, many analysts agree that the token will continue to grow and allow holders to continue earning, but today the coin is already very expensive, and significant initial capital is required for deposits.

Today there are new promising cryptocurrencies, as well as all sorts of ICO projects, which, unlike Bitcoin, do not require such substantial investments in the initial stages. They can be bought for very little money with the prospect of earning much more when the coin is released or when it becomes more popular.

The rise in the price of tokens can be caused by a variety of factors. For example, it is possible to earn guaranteed money from a new ICO project if it is announced by a well-known person in the crypto market who has previously been involved in the creation of quality systems that have become popular and brought good profits to depositors. Specialists take into account other factors when analyzing the market to create predictions for tokens.

Prospective cryptocurrency – what do they pay attention to?

There are many rankings and TOPs of cryptocurrencies by prospects, but all this is the result of a long professional analysis, but it also cannot give a hundred percent guarantee that the coins listed will really be as profitable as expected.

On the other hand, the probability of compliance with reality is high enough, so many are happy to use the recommendations of professionals when choosing the best system for the deposit. The following factors are usually taken into consideration when compiling the rankings:

1) Past performance. The better known is the coin or its creators, the more it was growing in the past, the more probable it is that it will continue to grow in value, even if it was declining for some time. The clearest examples of such coins are Bitcoin and Etherium. They are treated with confidence even though their value has been declining.

2) Capitalization. An important parameter, especially for ICO projects. The higher the level of capitalization, the greater the chance that the token will begin to grow in value quickly after launch. The easiest way to explain this parameter is as follows – the more financial and technical resources invested in the development, the lower the probability of the project’s inglorious future. The chances of losing money are lower if large firms or government agencies are involved in the creation of crypto.

3) Initial idea. Today, cryptos are not only being created as a financial tool to make money transfers. They are being developed based on Blockchain and can have a variety of features.

Individual developments in the long term can make a real revolution in the world of cryptocurrencies and in our lives in general, aimed at the development of telecommunications, banking, and other spheres. The more interesting an idea is, the more attention it will bring and the more money can be made on it.

4) Cost and speed of transactions. Despite the extensive functions of many modern cryptocurrencies, their main purpose is often transactions, so it is very important that crypto allows you to perform monetary transactions as quickly as possible and with minimal fees.

5) Interest from large firms. Prospective cryptocurrencies for investment today are sought not only by private investors but also by large organizations with huge capitals. There are hundreds of experienced analysts working for international corporations, if such structures are interested in some crypto, it means that they have carefully studied it and came to the conclusion that investing in it can bring good profits in the future.


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