Why Litecoin Is Good for Gambling

Opting for cryptocurrencies in online gambling doesn’t sound like something extraordinary for present-day players. Millions of gamblers worldwide have already evaluated the merits of crypto casinos over regular platforms. This resulted in the tremendous boost of Litecoin gambling.

The Rise of Litecoin Gambling

Litecoin is considered a “small brother” of Bitcoin. LTC came into use in 2011, two years after the debut of Bitcoin. It took a couple of years before Litecoin became widespread. At that time, only a few crypto venues offered LTC as a payment means.

Today, Litecoin tops the ranking of the most popular and stable cryptocurrencies. LTC gambling is in huge demand among casino players. It is a safe and trusted way to double one’s fortune in a fun and entertaining manner. The golden rule is to pick out a reputable LTC casino with a vast assortment of LTC games and lavish Litecoin bonuses.

Litecoin Gambling

How Litecoin is Better than Bitcoin

Litecoin has its name for a reason. Its founder Charlie Lee wanted to develop a lite version of the No.1 virtual asset Bitcoin. Lee coped with this challenge in many respects. Litecoin indeed has certain advantages over its “older brother”. The comparative analysis will show the hits and misses of Litecoin over BTC.


  1. time-saving block generation;
  2.  easier mining process;
  3. faster processing speed.


  1. less widespread than Bitcoin;
  2. lower price.

Variety of Litecoin Casino Games

The demand for LTC gambling has generated a grandiose growth of Litecoin casino games. Modern gamblers won’t suffer from the lack of thrilling entertainment to any liking. This site https://7bitcasino.com/ offers thousands of LTC casino games in different categories: slots, table, live, and jackpot games. You may practice in demo mode first to find titles to your taste. After that, you can switch to real money play with Litecoin.

Popular Litecoin gambling slots are:

  • Raging Lion: This spin machine by GameBeat will please all admirers of wildlife-themed slots. Four jackpot options make Raging Lion a highly rewarding game.
  • Dig Dig Digger: This masterpiece comes from the BGaming collection. The adventures theme and diversity of cool features make Dig Dig Digger a favorite among slot spinners.
  • Fruit Million: All fans of good old AWPs with fruit symbols should take a spin in Fruit Million with 100 paylines. The game has a generous RTP of 97.2% and an option to win extra free spins.

Advantages of LTC Gambling

So, what makes Litecoin gambling stand out? The following factors speak in favor of LTC casinos:

  • Security – LTC transactions run on the decentralized blockchain-related network that shields customers’ confidential data from hackers.
  • Anonymity – Players will appreciate an opportunity to keep their gambling pastime a secret from banks and authorities. It is because LTC is totally independent.
  • Swift processing: LTC operations take around ten minutes. It is a fundamental nuance for players who don’t want to wait an eternity to receive their earnings.
  • Bonuses: Every top-class LTC casino gratifies newbies and long-term clients with incentives in Litecoin. You can use these perks on your favorite casino entertainment.

Litecoin has all chances to revolutionize the online gambling space. Though it still holds second place after the frontrunner Bitcoin, the rise of LTC casino games shows that Litecoin will stay here for long.

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